To Eikaiwa owners and teachers,

Why Don’t You Eliminate
Your Concerns and
a Sales Ally?

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Supervised by a Professional Consultant
Who Has Managed Major Eikaiwa companies for over 15 years
A NEW Homepage Optimized for "Acquisition of New Students"
is Now ON SALE.

The new Homepage specialized for Eikaiwa schools was produced by a professional education consultant who mainly attracted customers and conducted sales in major Eikaiwa companies. With the abundant experience and knowledge accumulated from studying and analyzing customer feedback, the homepage was developed to acquire the information most needed from potential customers without stress, and to result in trial lessons and inquiries.

The troublesome update work can be completed super-easily by simply correcting the wording you want to edit on the browser.

The homepage will be transformed into the latest effective sales tool in a minimum of one week (business days) if you submit simple requests and necessary words and data. It does not require a lot of time and troublesome work such as detailed meetings of the structure and contents required for general Web production. We understand that you are busy running the classrooms so you can renovate while concentrating on your main business.

Understanding that smart phone can be an information source. Of course, the homepage is also compatible with smartphones and other devices, with reliable securities.Applicants and their parents will have first impression on the products and services they are interested in from your homepage, therefore if the information is insufficient or difficult to obtain, you may lose the potential customers, leading to losses of opportunities. 

M's Conexion Co., Ltd. will support the renewal of your homepage, hoping that we can support your high-quality Eikaiwa classes to correctly convey the value that should be delivered.

Functions and benefits


Design that optimizes the guidance to acquire trial-lesson applications and inquiries

"Encourage customers to take a trial-lesson" is the biggest mission of the Eikaiwa school homepage. It is packed with the experience and knowledge of professionals who have been attracting customers and managing business for over 15 years in major Eikaiwa companies. It guides customers trial-lessons and inquiries by providing "where to click to get the necessary information" and "you can understand the contents immediately". Naturally, SEO improvement is also expected to be effective.

Super easy information correction and update

The homepage will maintain high quality design with simple operations. It is of course that specialized knowledge is not required, and in addition, it is possible to change the image by rewriting the contents of the site on the browser. Until now, you will be completely free from dissatisfaction and stress such as "I don't know how to change" or "I changed it but I can't fix the gap".

Reduce maintenance costs

You can keep maintenance costs as low as possible and then make it as your assets. Generally, there is a way to leave the server or domain to the production company, but there is a risk of terminating the contract with the server administrator or losing the domain itself or mail data in the unlikely event of a problem. On the other hand, this homepage maintains reliable securities and reduces maintenance costs.

※You will need to acquire the server and domain yourself. Acquisition and transfer support is included in the service.

Production plans

We have two plans to suit your needs.


Premium plan

For those who want to make the website a sales ally


198,000yen (tax included)

Responsive web design for smartphones and various devices
We support the preparation of texts
It is a "10 page" plan that has all the elements necessary to acquire a trial reservation.
The video is defaulted
Campaign information is set by default

Lite plan

For those who want to convey the strengths of the classroom correctly while further reducing costs

99,000yen(tax included)

Responsive web design for smartphones and various devices
We support the preparation of texts
It is a simple "1 page" plan


Responsive support

The page layout and design are automatically adjusted to multiple different screen sizes such as smartphones, PCs and other tablets.
Not only is it very easy to maintain, but it also has the benefit of making it easier for search engines to be displayed at the top and being shared because the information for customers is organized and easy to read.

You can intuitively change text and images on the browser

You can edit directly by double-clicking the relevant part of the page you want to edit on the browser, and you can also upload images by drag-and-drop.
No specialized knowledge is required. Even beginners can edit it simply and intuitively because it is operated while looking at the completed screen. There is no need to perform any operations such as "Modify from the management screen > Check the edit result in the preview", which is a general CMS.

Automatic backup function

The "automatic backup function" that automatically copies to the server on a regular basis is installed as standard.
Manual backups are easy to forget and cumbersome. The safe automatic backup function protects your valuable assets from troubles such as failures and viruses.

With SSL certificate

Customers can easily distinguish between SSL (https) and non-SSL (http) sites by displaying an "Not secure" warning mark at the beginning of the URL of the website they visited. In addition to protecting important information, it gives customers a sense of trust and security, and promotes experience and membership.

※SSL is a mechanism that encrypts and sends and receives data communication between a web browser and a web server on the Internet, and plays a role in preventing eavesdropping and falsification of important information such as personal information by a malicious third party.

Flow until the homepage is completed


Contact us

Please feel free to contact us first. Our company will contact you by email or phone in a short amount of time.



At the online meeting, we will inform you about the details of proposals, productions, fees, etc based on your request and issues. After that, if you are satisfied, please make a request.


Information on contracts, requests, and necessary data

After making a contract, please prepare the materials namely manuscripts and photographs required for the classroom homepage.



In the production process, you will be asked to check the design etc. at a specific point in time. If you have any questions or further requirements about manuscript production, preparation of materials, etc., please feel free to contact us.We will complete it in a minimum of one week (business days) after receiving the necessary data.


Confirmation of the product

We ask you to check the completed homepage. If necessary, we will make corrections and adjustments to the content. If there are no problems, you will be asked to submit an inspection pass.


Upload homepage

We will upload the completed homepage and deliver it. The final operation check on the Internet will be done and it will be released.


Maintenance support

We will provide maintenance service upon your request.


Please fill in the required information in the form below and press the submit button.