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Supervised by a Seasoned Professional with 15+ Years in Leading Eikaiwa Companies, Our Innovative, Student-Acquisition-Focused Website is Now Available!

Our dedicated, professionally-optimized website for Eikaiwa schools is the brainchild of an experienced educational consultant who has spent years maximizing customer attraction and increasing sales for major Eikaiwa enterprises. Leveraging the wealth of insights gained from in-depth customer feedback analysis, we've crafted a platform designed to effortlessly gather essential information from prospective students, leading to trial lessons and inquiries.

No more grueling updates. Just make the necessary wording adjustments directly on your browser for a streamlined editing experience.

We will transform your homepage into a modern, efficient sales tool within a week's time (business days) – all we need are your specific requests and necessary information. No need for lengthy meetings or extensive structural discussions that traditional web development demands. We know you have a business to run, so we'll handle your website makeover while you focus on what matters most – teaching.

We recognize that smartphones have become key information sources. Thus, we ensure our websites are seamlessly compatible with smartphones and other devices, fortified with reliable security measures. After all, your homepage is often the first touchpoint for potential students and their parents. If the required information is difficult to obtain or lacking, you could lose these valuable leads.

At M's Conexion Inc., we're dedicated to helping you convey the true value of your exceptional Eikaiwa classes through an impactful website renovation.

Features and Benefits


Design Optimized for Trial-Lesson Acquisitions and Inquiries

The primary mission of an Eikaiwa school's homepage is to encourage trial lessons. Our website, backed by 15+ years of professional experience, directs potential students to the necessary information and makes it easy for them to understand and navigate. Plus, our design naturally bolsters your SEO effectiveness.

Effortless Information Correction and Updating

Maintain a high-quality website with just a few simple operations. No specialized knowledge required – you can easily alter images or text directly on your browser, eliminating stress and dissatisfaction associated with web modifications.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Our website reduces maintenance costs and promotes reliable security. We support server and domain acquisition and transfer as part of our service, helping you avoid the risks associated with outsourcing these tasks to production companies.

※You will need to acquire the server and domain yourself. Acquisition and transfer support is included in the service.

Production plans

We offer two production plans tailored to your needs:


Premium plan

Ideal for those who want to transform their website into a robust sales tool.

Now at a Special Price of

198,000yen (tax included)

Responsive web design for smartphones and various devices
Text preparation assistance
Comprehensive 10-page plan encompassing all elements needed to secure trial reservations
Default video and campaign information setup

Lite plan

Perfect for those who want to articulate the strengths of their classroom at a reduced cost.

99,000yen(tax included)

Responsive web design for smartphones and various devices
Text preparation assistance
Simplified 1-page plan

Additional Features

Responsive Support

Our websites adapt fluidly to various screen sizes including smartphones, PCs, and tablets.
Not only does this ensure ease of maintenance, but it also boosts your search engine rankings and encourages content sharing due to its organized and easily readable layout.

Intuitive Text and Image Modification

Website updates are a breeze with our system. Simply double-click the desired section directly on your browser to edit text or upload images via drag-and-drop.
‍No specialized knowledge required; even beginners can effortlessly update their site as they view the finished product. Forget the cumbersome steps associated with general CMS — our system is straightforward and user-friendly.

Automatic Backup Function

We offer an automatic backup function as standard, making regular copies to the server to safeguard your precious assets.
No more forgetting or being burdened with manual backups. Rest assured, your data is protected against potential issues like system failures or viruses.

SSL Certificate:

For enhanced trust and security, our websites come with an SSL certificate. This encryption mechanism fortifies data communication between web browsers and servers, preventing the eavesdropping or tampering of crucial information such as personal data. Sites with SSL certification also feature a "Not Secure" warning mark, reassuring customers of their safety when browsing.

Website Creation Process


Reach Out to Us

Feel free to contact us to initiate the process. We'll respond swiftly via email or phone.



During our online meeting, we'll discuss your needs, issues, and propose solutions, including production details and fee structures. Once you're satisfied, you can place your request.


Contract and Data Provision

Upon agreement, prepare the necessary materials, such as manuscripts and photographs, for your website.



During production, we'll ask for your approval on design and other elements at certain stages. Should you have any queries or additional requests regarding manuscript production or materials, don't hesitate to contact us. We guarantee completion within a minimum of one week (business days) after receiving all necessary data.


Product Verification

We'll request that you review the completed website. If needed, we can make further adjustments and corrections to the content. Once everything is in order, we'll proceed with your approval.


Website Upload

We'll upload and deliver your completed website, conducting a final operation check online before release.


Maintenance Support

Upon request, we offer ongoing maintenance support to ensure your website remains updated and efficient.


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